Full Technical Audits

The quality and integrity of a business website speaks volumes about the business itself. Even if it looks good on the surface, your site can have any number of technical and functional issues holding it back. Not all of them are catastrophic, but the small stuff can add up, potentially compromising your ability to bring in leads, convert, and maintain loyalty. This is why, on top of our web design and development services, we provide comprehensive technical site audits.

We Have an Eye for the Details

CAYK is more than a marketing agency. We double as a web design and development team built on decades of experience, & that experience has taught us a thing or two about what determines the success or failure of a business website. While we certainly take a holistic approach to the way we develop marketing plans, we’ve also learned that this big-picture thinking must be combined with a highly refined sense of detail. This is absolutely crucial if you want a site to move like clockwork & support the various marketing processes that depend on it to be successful. Every aspect of your site, no matter how small, needs to do its job!

To give your marketing website the maintenance it deserves, CAYK’s web development specialists have designed a 300-point technical audit that we use to assess and improve site performance. It allows us to ensure that our clients’ websites are always working to the best of their ability. Here are a few things that an audit this detailed can accomplish for your business…

Improve User Experience

At the intersection of web design and marketing, user experience is everything. If your site has an outdated design, 94% of visitors won’t trust it. 47% of them expect your web pages to load in two seconds or less. Falling short on mobile friendliness will make your visitors 5 times more likely to abandon what they’re doing on your site. If your contact forms or your live chat don’t work as they should, you stand to lose countless leads. Missing the updates that your CMS and plugins need can also introduce usability issues. These are only a tiny portion of the elements affecting UX, but they all depend on having a site that’s functioning well on a technical level.

Many of the points we cover in our full technical audits will serve to optimize the overall experience your site offers its visitors. The effects of this will go beyond your website itself. They’ll ultimately benefit your traffic, SEO, conversions, content strategy, and so much more.

Maximize Search Efficiency by Page

The technical strength of a website is integral to the success of your SEO strategy. In fact, we carry out dedicated SEO audits to evaluate on-page ranking factors and more. Simultaneously, however, your site must perform at its best if you want your landing pages to help you reach your conversion goals. Part of our auditing process looks at the meeting point between SEO and CRO by evaluating the search efficiency by page. This will illuminate how well the search ranking and converting power of a page are working together to help you accomplish your objectives. From there we can determine what the marketing focus for that page should be.

In addition to search efficiency by page, our 300-point technical audits will address web development issues that may directly or indirectly threaten your search ranking and your conversions. As always, even the smallest details need to work for you rather than against you.

Keep Content
Quality High

Content is the voice of your website. This is true not only about the articles you post on your blog, but also the various pages of text that tell your story and describe your products or services. Every bit of writing on your site will define how you communicate with your audience. Of course, it’s hardly a secret that keyword research, content length, relevance, and engagement factor are critical to your SEO and brand image. To do its job properly, content needs to be more than just well-written and search-optimized. It needs to be well-formatted, presentable, readable, and easy to navigate. Oh, and duplicate content? Avoid at all costs.

The more extensive a technical audit of your website is, the more your content will benefit. Even the strongest piece of writing can fail to serve its marketing purpose if certain visual or functional issues aren’t identified. We’re committed to keeping the voice of your site strong and clear.

Optimize Security
& Privacy

The internet can be a shady place. It’s safe to assume that nearly everyone who uses it is at some point explicitly concerned about the security and privacy of their data. These concerns certainly aren’t unfounded; hacker attacks are said to take place every 39 seconds. As a modern business owner, you’re just as acquainted with this concern as anyone else. 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses and no less than 64% of companies have experienced web-based attacks. In the interest of protecting both your business and your visitors, continuously fortifying your site in this department is of the utmost importance.

Your SSL certificate, privacy policy, updates to your content management system, and other security and privacy essentials will always receive the focus they deserve during our audits. No stone will be left unturned to maintain the trust of your audience, not to mention your trust in us!

With CAYK, Your Site Will Never Fall Behind

or business owners and marketing experts alike, there are few things more frustrating than a potentially great business website held down by technical snags. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for “almost amazing”. As the digital hub of your business, your site can’t afford to fall behind, and CAYK will make sure that it never does. We’ve only given you a glimpse of what our 300-point technical audits can accomplish for you, so reach out to our team to learn more!

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    Digital Analytics Framework Development

    On the surface, digital marketing may seem to be about how many followers your business has, how good your website looks, and how high you rank in search results. Look more closely and you’ll see that a digital strategy is fueled by so much more. The role of data in particular is often overlooked by business owners, but with the right analytics framework to help you work with that data, you’ll be primed for success. CAYK can set you up with a framework that truly delivers!

    Convert Your Visitors

    The field of analytics allows business owners and marketers to monitor, measure, and modify their marketing efforts with data-driven tools and strategies. The most well-known analytics platform today is Google Analytics, but this represents only one part of the vast and complex world of analytics as an area of digital marketing. Google Analytics focuses specifically on your website, but your PPC advertising, social media, and customer relationships are just as dependent on data to empower your business. Countless analytics tools exist to drive effective marketing decisions, so choosing and applying them properly can be easier said than done.

    As a holistic digital marketing agency, CAYK understands the power of combining each aspect of your strategy with a data-driven approach. Every area of marketing that we focus on when working with our clients, from web design to content and beyond, is supported by detailed analytics. Still, we don’t just dive in and use the tools on a whim. Structure is everything!

    Developing a Framework

    As we often say, every component of digital marketing should be pursued with a concrete plan in place. There are few cases where this is more true than analytics. That’s why developing an analytics framework is crucial to how you work with marketing data. A framework serves as your blueprint for how to get the data you need, how to organize and examine it, and how to turn it into action-oriented decisions. Whether you need to better understand user behaviour on your site to optimize your landing pages or maximize ROI for your Google Ads strategy, a framework is needed to determine the exact analytics processes that will help you reach those goals.

    As leads and customers discover and engage with your business, an enormous pool of data accumulates and presents you with endless opportunities for the enhancement of your marketing strategy. By developing an analytics framework for you, we can give structure and meaning to that data, placing it at your fingertips to become one of your most powerful assets.

    What It Means for Your Marketing Strategy

    There’s no doubt that your approach to analytics—and the framework that defines that approach—will determine the success of your website, PPC ads, and other more marketing-centric endeavours. Data is nothing less than essential to the way adjustments are made when tracking and monitoring traffic, visitor behaviour, click-through and conversion rates, and more. In fact, the two most cited benefits of data-driven marketing are the speed and accuracy that it enables for various marketing processes.

    At the same time, analytics is just as much about people as it is about marketing technique in and of itself. The better you leverage the data you have access to, the more you’ll know about your leads and customers, and the more personalized and relevant your engagement with them will be. As 53% of marketers have said, this allows you to create a more meaningful and consumer-centric strategy. If you want to forge the kinds of relationships that turn leads into loyal clients, you can’t afford to let your analytics fall behind.

    The average business owner may not be jumping at the opportunity to dive into data-driven marketing, but the transformative effects it can have on your strategy shouldn’t be underestimated. A 2018 study by Forbes Magazine revealed that companies who harness their marketing data effectively are six times more likely to increase profitability over their competition. Yet, that same study found that data is one of the most underappreciated marketing assets out there. As always, we’re here to help you gain an edge on your competition!

    CAYK Has an Analytics Framework Waiting for You

    Without a firm foundation to stand on, the analytics that guide your marketing plan will struggle to hold up. Backed by over 20 years of marketing experience, the specialists at CAYK have helped businesses all over Western Canada measure and boost their performance with today’s most sophisticated analytics tools. For a framework developed to meet your precise needs and goals, contact our team today. We look forward to taking your strategy where it needs to go!

    Custom Reporting Dashboard Development

    As digital marketing experts, we can get pretty nerdy about the data that drives a good strategy. This may be fun for us, but for you as a business owner, it’s more important to understand the numbers as quickly and intuitively as possible. Reporting the progress and performance of your marketing plan is one of our highest priorities when optimizing both your strategy and your experience as a client. This is precisely why we’ll develop a custom reporting dashboard for you.

    Reporting on Marketing Performance

    Utilizing analytics to measure the various aspects of your marketing strategy is our primary method for assessing your performance and determining what adjustments need to be made. Still, our team can stare at the data all day, it’s not going to mean much to you unless you’re clued in on what’s happening! One of the most important elements of any service we provide to your business is the way in which we report to you. It’s our responsibility to have informative answers to your questions and sound advice when you’re not sure how to proceed. However, in addition to these answers, you’ll have access to concrete summaries of your performance.

    Before you run for the hills expecting to be confronted with a bunch of spreadsheets, we can assure you that this won’t be the case. Instead, the marketing insights that summarize your progress will be available to you through custom reporting dashboards. These provide an easy-to-read, visually-oriented interface for understanding the numbers behind your strategy.

    Your Dashboard Makes All the Difference

    Any time you use Google to find a specific product, service, business, or place nearby, you’re doing a local search. Google typically recognizes a local search when the user includes terms like “near me” or the name of their city, as in “restaurants in Calgary”. In fact, if Google has access to your device’s location, it’ll most likely offer local results even if you simply enter “restaurants”. The important part is that for business owners like you, ranking high in local results is not just an essential part of SEO, it’s an essential part of running a business today.

    Let’s consider a typical local search results page. You might see a few different types of information, but two are particularly important for your company’s SEO strategy: standard organic results and “snack pack” results. Standard organic results are the links you see listed in any Google search. Google Snack Pack refers to the panel that shows the top 3 Google My Business listing results relevant to your query, combined with a Google Maps snippet indicating their locations. The better you rank in both, the more people will discover your business.

    Turning Measurement
    Into Action

    Of course, having a detailed report is one thing, but acting on it is a journey in and of itself. A top-of-the-line reporting dashboard can uncover a lot about where you are, but it will only fulfill its purpose if it helps you decide where to go. You’ll probably want to know how that landing page should be improved, what will make your ad campaigns more profitable, or how you should boost the quality and relevance of your content. You’ll certainly want to determine what parts of your revenue can be attributed to which marketing efforts so that you know where the benefits lie. Whatever the data may tell you, it needs to be actionable as it is revealing.

    We would therefore be pretty irresponsible marketers if we simply showed you some sleek-looking data visualizations and expected you to take it from there. CAYK is determined to not only help you understand the data, but to work closely with you in creating revised goals, new priorities, and dynamic ideas that will yield the highest possible value from your strategy.

    Visualize Your Data with Custom
    Dashboards by CAYK

    We didn’t become one of Canada’s most trusted digital marketing agencies because of our technical know-how. Our clients choose us because we can translate that knowledge into a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience for them. You want to see that our marketing expertise is actually strengthening your business, and our reporting dashboards are the perfect tools for the job. Contact the CAYK team to get the results you want, and to see them with your own eyes!

    Basic Analytics
    Setup &

    If we were like a lot of digital marketing agencies out there, we’d provide your business with a marketing strategy that’s flashy on the outside and empty on the inside — content, social media, a trendy website, but no clear indication of whether or not it’s helping you grow. Thankfully, we’re not. If you want to see the hard numbers behind what your marketing strategy is doing for your bottom line, our basic analytics and conversion tracking setup is the perfect place to start.

    The Power of Analytics

    Businesses and marketers all over the world depend on today’s analytics tools to monitor, measure, and adjust the many components of their marketing strategies. It’s not just a trend or a novel idea, it’s fundamental to how modern marketing practices operate. 81% of marketers say that the majority of their decisions will be data-driven by 2020, and total spending on analytics is projected to reach over $100 billion US in 2019.

    Why? Because it’s the industry-standard method for ensuring that you’re making the right choices and setting the right goals for your marketing strategy and your business at large. Without solid marketing data, and a framework to define your process, how will you know whether or not you’re bringing the right leads to your website, getting your money’s worth from Google Ads, or developing strong relationships with your leads and customers?

    Working without analytics is, quite frankly, working in the dark. We know that as an accomplished business owner, you don’t operate your enterprise on hunches and whims. When you have CAYK by your side, the power of analytics will be in the palm of your hand.

    So Many Tools, So Little Time

    Analytics is a diverse and multifaceted field within marketing and can take many different forms. A 2015 survey found customer acquisition, marketing mix, and customer retention are the top three applications of marketing analytics for companies. Yet, today’s analytics tools can be far more specific than these broad categories would suggest. Whether you’re evaluating your social media strategy, PPC campaigns, or your website, anything that needs to be measured has an analytics tool designed to measure it. This can make it overwhelming to know what you need.

    Not all businesses need a vast and elaborate arsenal of analytics software to maintain and refine their strategies. Depending on the scale and goals of your company, a basic analytics setup will allow you to handle all of the most essential metrics. Google Analytics, for instance, will tell you how much traffic is flowing to your website, where those visitors are coming from, how much time they spend on a page before leaving, and more. These insights alone can reveal a lot about the effectiveness of your content, landing pages, & SEO, just to name a few.

    CAYK can provide your business with an analytics setup that is simultaneously detailed, thorough, and straightforward. This will give you a clear vantage point over the most important insights for your business, allowing you to direct your strategy with more precision than ever.

    Tracking Your Conversions

    Even when sticking to the fundamentals, the basic analytics of your site need to be combined with another highly influential form of data: your conversion rates. You want your site visitors to carry out specific actions, whether it’s filling out a form, giving you a call, or making an online purchase. How effective are your PPC ads, email campaigns, and other efforts when it comes to facilitating these conversions? Are they pulling their weight to bring you closer to your conversion goals? This is the beauty of conversion tracking. It gives you the knowledge you need to evaluate conversion rates and formulate actionable steps for improving them.

    Our experience has taught us that this is nothing less than indispensable, so to complement your analytics setup, we’ll implement powerful conversion tracking tools for a more complete solution. It’s the perfect combination for getting a clear picture of how your strategy is paying off.

    A Smarter, More Profitable Marketing Strategy with CAYK

    As important as analytics are for any marketing plan, we know that every business owner has a considerable set of responsibilities to meet on a day-to-day basis. You don’t have to compromise your focus on your business to get the most value from your marketing data, and you don’t have to miss out on your marketing data to run your business! The reporting and analytics experts at CAYK are here to set you up for success, so contact us to get started today.

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