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As a second generation digital marketer I very much grew up alongside the evolution of the impact that the Internet has had on us all. I had the good fortune to start my career in the digital marketing industry, and as a result I am proud to state that helping clients to achieve their goals online has been a primary focus my entire adult life.

While on a daily basis I manage teams of developers and programmers, social media community coordinators, advertising managers and graphic designers, my area of focus is the crossroads between paid advertising and digital marketing business intelligence. Specifically the data collection, data wrangling, data warehousing and data preparation that allows our team to guide clients towards their business goals through marketing and advertising initiatives. A more recent area of my interest has been leveraging data accessible to advertisers both directly and indirectly in order to identify potential advertising click fraud. I believe that this is an area of ?that is likely to become more important, to our customers as the industry continues to head towards programmatic advertising systems.

I am passionate about helping clients to leverage their business data to drive corporate decision making. In addition to working with internal teams, internal stakeholders, and clients, I also frequently work with external vendors, as well as partners, coordinating the many moving parts of the always dynamic Campaigns I help to manage.

Extremely high degree of knowledge

  • Technical Search Engine Optimization
  • Advertising Campaign Optimization and Management across many Paid Media Platforms
  • Analytics Framework Development and Implementation
  • Conversion Tracking and Optimization
  • Interpretation of technical analytics for non technical stakeholders
  • Google G Suite, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Apps Scripts, Google Ad Scripts
  • Digital focused business strategy development
  • Digital technologies, SaaS vendors, and some of the most bleeding edge of technical ‘tricks of the trade’, and more importantly the ability to recognize which will and will not be a good fit for a business

Experience of note

  • Setup and Management of over 500 (Google) Analytics account, and many more views
  • Data capture and reporting of beyond 15,000,000 website user sessions
  • Constant evolution of our tracking systems, currently measuring over 100,000 analytics events per day
  • Completion of the Google Analytics Certification Program
  • Daily use of Google’s BigQuery system and SQL Query Language
  • Implementation of Device Fingerprinting architecture to help identify suspicious user behaviour
  • SSL Certificate Procurement and Management
  • Advertising optimization and Click Fraud (IVT) detection and prevention
  • Development of an in house advertising optimization system with a heavy emphasis on display advertising click fraud and detection of “Made for Adsense (MFA)” advertising placements
  • Ongoing Processing of hundreds of thousands of advertising placements (at the time of writing, May 2019)
  • Management of millions of dollars in advertising funds across hundreds of campaigns that often run for years
    • That is to say, Unsuccessful campaigns do not run for years
  • Personally developed a new operations management system that our team still uses today
    • Leveraging the Google Cloud, G Suite, and Javascript to achieve what can seem like magic, to manipulate and make dynamic standard business tools like Spreadsheets and Word Documents.
    • Cross connecting existing systems to centralize management into a single location, saving cumulatively thousands of hours in operations and administrative burden
  • Procurement and management of shared and dedicated hosting servers, in-house and in the cloud
    • Managing web hosting across nearly 1000 active hosting accounts
    • Managing domain registration, renewal, and DNS configuration of over 1000 domain names concurrently
  • Build reporting and client acquisition packages, commonly presenting to clients and potential clients multiple times a day, multiple days a week
  • Cumulatively hundreds of hours presenting to colleagues, clients and first time acquaintances alike

Other Key Experience

  • Vanilla Javascript
  • Html/Css
  • Minor Experience with the R programming language
  • Minor CLI use
  • Active in continuing to learn Python and JS
  • Responsive website development standards for mobile friendliness
  • Agile project management
  • Google Data Studio, BigQuery, Cloud: DataStore, Computer Engine, Pub/Sub, Machine Learning, SQL
  • FTP, MySQL+PHPMyAdmin, SSH
  • Industry Specific Software such as web crawlers, SEO Ranking monitoring, Social Management Tools, etc.
    • I generally consider myself to be an expert software user, a description intentionally left vague to help convey that I have yet to find a software to be a truly insurmountable learning curve. More often I find myself proficient with new software in an extremely short time period
  • Adobe Premier, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Acrobat
  • REST API / RESTful API Use (Google, IBM, SaaS, etc.)

The unique experience I have gained while working at CAYK Marketing Inc. has helped me to grow professionally, into a fast thinking thought leader, as well as personally, driving me towards a better understanding of the beauty in data, and the passion I hold for it.

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